Don’t be that person!

Don’t be that person!

We need to reiterate a few rules after a spate of recent brain farts by some of our wonderful customers. We love guns, so much so, we have a shop that sells them, but there is a piece of advice we always like to remember, always treat a gun as if it’s a gun, oh that’s a bit zen, but not really.

Firearms bring us all a lot of enjoyment, but they can kill, so we don’t appreciate it when someone comes in the shop with a weapon and then points it at us, we don’t have Superman’s eyesight, and he couldn’t see lead anyway! As the sign says on the door;

  • Ensure your gun is unloaded
  • The action is open
  • The Bolt removed
  • All magazines are also unloaded
  • And that it’s in a safe condition

We have had guns brought into us that “were unloaded” only for us to remove rounds from them, so check and double check. We’ve got families we would like to go home to, and if you shoot us, we aren’t going to be very happy about it.

Come in store today to see our extensive range and meet our friendly team. You will soon see why many hunters and firearms experts within the Canberra region treat our store as a one-stop shop for all their firearms and hunting supply needs.

If you are going on a hunting trip, make sure you stop by our store on the way out to stock up on all you need for your next adventure.

You’ll find us at 35 Carrington St Queanbeyan or you can call us on (02) 6297 8833.